Tarot Readings

My readings with the Tarot of the Traveller are not about predicting the future, but a way to understand the past, to cherish today, in order to create visions for tomorrow.

With the Tarot of the Travellers and my intuition you can look at topics or questions from your life. In the reading you will learn how the formulation of your concern already leads you to new insights. The accuracy of the drawn cards will surprise you.

The cards, together with my intuition, offer you the possibility:

  • to find a creative and very personal way of dealing with the current situation
  • to appreciate your uniqueness in life, which is the healthy soil for learning, for growing
  • to become aware of your qualities
  • to look at everyday situations from a new perspective
  • to bring clarity to recurring questions


veeno reading

Veeno Regula Mäder

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My readings currently take place online in German or English (Skype/Zoom). I live in Switzerland, so the meeting times have to be adjusted to the time zones.

If you are interested in a reading with me, please fill out the form below. After that I will contact you to arrange date and time. You will pay in advance for the reading via PayPal or my bank account.

  • 30 min. CHF 70
  • 1 hour CHF 120

You can contact me if the price is too high for your budget.

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