9 of Clubs


Envy, which pushes to surpass limits.
The feeling of being indispensable.
Pushing oneself beyond limits out of fear of being overtaken by others.

I am your alarm signal!

You have overdone yourself.
You go beyond the limits of your strength.
You are involved in a misunderstanding of work ethics and necessities.
You have forgotten to take breaks and enjoy yourself.

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7 of Clubs


Deep, human empathy
In sorrow and in joy.

Tears are a key to emerge again from inner isolation.
Weeping is an expression of a loving relationship with ourselves.
Through tears, frozen feelings can melt and begin to flow again.
The released energy can be expressed anew in creativity and love for life.

It is a privilege to be able to cry.

In a single tear you are joined with all people.
Since all times it is the same soft, salty waters in the eyes of the Amazon native as it is in the big city folk of Tokyo.

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Ace of Clubs


What it is about:
Death and new beginnings.
If something new wants to emerge, the old must pass away.
The powerful creative force behind everything that emerges and passes away.
Primordial trust in life, which pours from the old into the new at every moment.
Life is in a state of constant flux. It knows no full stop, not even a comma, it has no reverse gear, it knows only change. Nothing can be done about this.

No Compromise

"Be greeted," my mother said to me. We both knew that her end was near. I waited, as if rooted to the spot under the open door to her room. It was surreal bright. A speck of light on the wall behind her looked like the radiant evening star. Enchanted by this solemn atmosphere, I stood there. I, grateful daughter, charmed by the miracle of the moment.

My mother seemed strong. It seemed as if the darkness of the disease had already gone out of the window and surrendered to the burning.
Briefly, it flashed through my mind how I had experienced much sadness with my mother in the course of our life together: three of her children, three brothers of mine, died shortly after birth. I was still very young and understood little.

My red wooden spinning toy was lying on her bedspread in front of me. She had kept it for me. I was touched. That was my mother! It all suited her.

"Picked up is not put off," she said and gave me the toy.

Shortly after, she died. I sat beside her during her last breath. Alone.
This being alone in powerful moments of my life would be repeated many more times.

Now, as a woman, I am reaping the fruits of that time. I stand rooted in life with confidence and know from first-hand experience that nothing can be taken for granted, that there is no guarantee of life, that I am unique and must remain so until the last day.

So, no lazy compromises! No unscrupulous deals with the devil! No sacrificing for a false smile. I am woman, a human being, I am dignity, I have an upright walk!



There is that place, there in the darkness, where aliveness whispers.
Where everything dances to a deep, powerful song.
It is the sound of primal trust, the dowry for our existence.
Characters of an ancient language glide through the space.
Their poetry is steeped in creation.
It tells of the birch sapling,
it dreams of the sweetness of the rose fragrance,
it speaks of the growing human being,
of the irrepressible driving force of becoming and passing away,
of the eternally changing life.

Queen of Clubs


As a person:

The mother of the questioner.
This Tarot Card represents also the many roles and faces of the mother.

To show the complexity of the roles of our mothers and ourselves as mothers, I took an All-In-One snapshot:


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Jack of Clubs


Not a person:
The card symbolizes the unconscious.
defence and attack in all possible forms,
But also:
Readiness to break through. The willingness to bring awareness into play in mechanical patterns, coupled with creative ideas.
Openness for clarifying conversations instead of reacting as usual.

Here I am, the Jack of Clubs. A lot of people are scared of me. They experience me as an exorbitant influencer or as a nasty creature. Out of me come tantrums, jibes, impatience, hostility, bullying, jealousy - simply everything that squirts out of you in certain moments. Even small sarcastic insults in conversations I provoke in you.

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King of Clubs


As a person:
Mature man/father of the questioner/authority figure
Courage, Sincerity, Drive, Integrity, Tenacity

The Great Warrior

In the night of his seventh birthday, a boy had a dream he never forgot.
This is his dream:

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10 of Clubs


Suppression - Inner Conflicts - Burnout
"Enough is enough - I can't take it anymore"
Invitation to change direction

When your mind is stuck you can listen to your body.

A Letter.

Dear You

I am your body. I'm writing to you because I'm in a desperate need to tell you something. I know you don't have much time to read, you probably just have to leave. But, please, take a few moments and sit with me.

I don't feel good with you anymore. Things are moving too fast for me. You know, I need some time to feel hugs, or eat a good pizza and drink the tasty Chianti. I'm so happy to be a part of all of this. And anyway, I love being in your life.

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