8 of Clubs

Kreuz 8

Bitterness, anger, guilt:
as burning embers in the heart in the face of adversity
as grief at the death of a loved one
as a desire for revenge upon humiliation.

The embers hurt ...
they bring sleepless nights ...
inside it rumbles and rages like in a devil's kitchen.

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9 of Clubs


Distrust, jealousy, envy.
Competitiveness that drives you to push your limits.
The feeling of being indispensable.
Wake up - stop - what really brings you joy?

I am your alarm signal!

You have overdone yourself.
You go beyond the limits of your strength.
You are involved in a misunderstanding of work ethics and necessities.
You have forgotten to take breaks and enjoy yourself.

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7 of Clubs


Deep, human empathy
In sorrow and in joy.

Tears are a key to emerge again from inner isolation.
Weeping is an expression of a loving relationship with ourselves.
Through tears, frozen feelings can melt and begin to flow again.
The released energy can be expressed anew in creativity and love for life.

It is a privilege to be able to cry.

In a single tear you are joined with all people.
Since all times it is the same soft, salty waters in the eyes of the Amazon native as it is in the big city folk of Tokyo.

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Ace of Clubs


Phoenix out of the ashes.
The old passes away - the new arises.
Connection with the powerful creative force behind the constant change.
Initiation into the primordial trust of the eternally great renewal.

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Jack of Clubs


Not a person.
All the reaction patterns that have accumulated over a lifetime.
The constant fear of having to defend or attack.
But also:
Willingness to break through.
Willingness to bring awareness, coupled with creative ideas, into play when conflicts arise.
Openness to clarifying conversations instead of reacting as usual.

Here I am, the Jack of Clubs. A lot of people are scared of me. They experience me as an exorbitant influencer or as a nasty creature. Out of me come tantrums, jibes, impatience, hostility, bullying, jealousy - simply everything that squirts out of you in certain moments. Even small sarcastic insults in conversations I provoke in you.

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King of Clubs


As a person:
Mature man/father of the questioner/authority figure
Courage, Sincerity, Drive, Integrity, Tenacity

The Great Warrior

In the night of his seventh birthday, a boy had a dream he never forgot.
This is his dream:

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10 of Clubs


Protective, positive forces are at work!
Don't give up on your life's dream!
Even if everything seems impossible and too surreal, don't give up!
Stay on the ball!
Behind closed doors, your goals are being realized.
There they develop in peace and bust the social barriers to manifest in your life.

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