9 of Diamonds



You see beyond the games of power and money and feel an inner peace that is independent of success and wealth.
With your open mind, you are a catalyst for others in overcoming crises in the material world.
You understand the laws of nature.
You are in a metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly.

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Ace of Diamonds


Possessions, wealth, professional success.
Generosity in dealing with it.
A good nose for resources: a solution is always in the air!
Acting in harmony with the laws of life.
A conscious, committed yes to what each day brings.

The message to you:
Painted by the rainbow, the signal vibrates with full intensity.
Because you understand the dynamics of the laws of nature, you can recognize high energies and use them for your projects.
You are in conscious contact with the abundance and riches within you and around you.

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10 of Diamonds


Your understanding of wealth and happiness is not limited to money and material possessions.
You are aware of your richness as you are and live.
Working has become a creative experience for you.
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8 of Diamonds


Surprising, unexpected happenings.
Changes in your job / money situation.
Readiness to face new situations, whether at work or in everyday life, in a relaxed way.

With the 8 of diamonds you are invited to be ready for surprising turns. No time for blinders! Let your project grow wings and expose it to the wind. Start every day anew, open yourself to new impulses. Learn, grow in everything you do.

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7 of Diamonds

Egge7 2

Starting a project.
Patience, perseverance, goal-oriented,
through continuous progression growth and good outcome is guaranteed

Practical for you:

  • you get down to work
  • you are reliable
  • you appreciate small progress
  • the next step is revealed to you from the step you have just taken
  • you are in harmony with what is happening and do not let yourself be rushed
  • regarding your work you stand with both feet on the ground
  • you recognise the signs, the help, the 'coincidences' that come to you from outside

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King of Diamonds


As a person
A wise teacher. A genuine leader of mankind. An entrepreneur who brings out the best in his associates. A wealthy, rich person (internally and/or materially) who allows others to share in that wealth.
Learns and teaches through experience, deep insight into the laws of nature, benevolent wisdom, generous, well grounded!

A strange meeting

A. is sitting at the table in his study. Fresh air brings winter into the room through the tilted window. His nostrils flare. The smell of snow has a most delightful perfume today. His head aches. Dull he feels.

Everything at the same time.

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Jack of Diamonds


As a person:
trusted messenger, a child
Uninhibitedly happy.
Receive - share - receive - pass on - receive - let go.
Always open for new luck.
'When one flower has withered, another blossoms nearby.'

The fairy tale 'Hans in Luck' by the Brothers Grimm is an excellent illustration of the Jack of Diamonds.
One can look at the fairy tale from different perspectives.

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