Queen of Hearts


As a person:
If a woman draws the Queen of Hearts, she herself is represented by this card.
If a man draws the Queen of Hearts, the card can represent his inner feminine side or his beloved.

She is flooded with love and serenity of spirit.
She works as a silent force in every woman
She is always available, be it in the light or in the dark
She stands for the moving, the emotional, the creative, the soulful of the feminine


The Manifesto of the Queen of Hearts:

Yes, let the women bring it. All women on this earth!
They see the great correlation in life.
They know the true art of weaving: for a useful fabric that can dress all people in a graceful way, it needs both the vertical female threads and the horizontal male threads.
The Queens of Hearts know that this is the only way to create a sensitive, fine, new foundation for life on this beautiful earth for the children to come.

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King of Hearts


As a person:
If a man draws the King of Hearts, he himself is represented by this card.
If a woman draws the King of Hearts, the card can represent her inner male side or her beloved.

He feels
He is sensual
He is emotional
He nurtures and tends to
He cares for others
He is a stimulating partner in all areas
He is open for the loving touch of existence

"You are a King of the Heart. The King of Hearts. The beloved of the Queen of Hearts. Your heart is pounding in the right place. That is so. Every man is a King of Hearts! - Does this astonish you?" He looked at me with baffled eyes.

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9 of Hearts


The Heart Magnet
Felt unconditional love — as oneness with oneself — with everyone — with all

There is a magic ship.
The magic ship is called Love. The vast, wide universe is its ocean.

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8 of Hearts


“Go on! A higher fortune awaits,” she said.

Actually, she had yelled at me. My friend Louise knew about my habits of brooding, of questioning. We were in the middle of the forest. We had met because once again I was doubting everything and thought I had reached another dead end, and this time for real!

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Queen of Hearts


Today I have drawn the Queen of Hearts.

Hm, the Queen of Hearts… that’s me!

All women are queens of hearts.

I wonder how many women do experience to be a lady, a queen?
I wonder. Even as a child I wondered who my mother was. She wore skirts, she had a higher voice than my father and my brothers, she did the household. She didn’t leave the house at 6:00 a.m. sharp for work like my father. She cooked, cleaned and did the chores. What else did she do? She bore seven children, six boys and me, the only daughter. Three boys died as babies. She lived through it. Yes, really, she lived through that? How? I don’t know. She died before I dared ask her, she, this Queen of Hearts, my mother.

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