10 of Hearts


Love develops into a state of being.
Contentment alone and with others.
Follow the voice of your heart, it knows what is right.
You no longer calculate give and take.
Emotional maturity that comes from a serene heart.
In challenging moments ask yourself, “what would love do?”

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Ace of Hearts


Feeling at home in your own body, in your home, in the community of like-minded people, family.
The heart as the bridge to joy.
The feeling of being one with oneself and everything.
The ability to feel empathy.
Listening to the 'inner voice'.

Bug Party on a Banana Peel

Once upon a time there was a little beetle. He was black and inconspicuous on his six thin legs. One day, crawling along the country road in the bushes, he was suddenly surprised by a breathtaking scent. "Hey, that smells like folklore and adventure," he said to his companion, who was strutting along behind him. It was on one of those many dreary rainy days, full of yawning and twiddling thumbs and wait and see there in the undergrowth near the overland route. There was litter all around along that stretch. People just threw their trash overboard as they drove by. Sometimes it was really bad for the little creepers. There landed now and then a tin can on one of them and gone was he. But today seemed to be a lucky day. "This is ominously intoxicating! Come on, let's call the others over. Let’s have a scent fiesta!" said the friend. And poof, she was gone.

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Jack / Maid of Hearts


As a person:
A joyful, youthful person who loves beauty.
A bon vivant and emotional surfer who is at home in the flow of his own life.
Bearer of a message of love to the people.
Spreads his wings to enjoy freedom.
Spontaneous, passionate, emotionally involved, youthful trust in life in riding the daily emotional waves.

There is glitter all over the place. It is fairy dust. It comes from many unfulfilled wishes and dreams of the past year.

There, a little girl collects it full of delight and brushes it on her forehead. She wants to be able to fly. She wants to turn air castles into joy. She wants to be an angel.

The little girl reminds me of my childhood, when all secrets were still alive.

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Queen of Hearts


As a person:
If a woman draws the Queen of Hearts, she herself is represented by this card.
If a man draws the Queen of Hearts, the card can represent his inner feminine side or his beloved.

She is flooded with love and serenity of spirit.
She works as a silent force in every woman.
She is always available, be it in the light or in the dark.
She stands for the moving, the emotional, the creative, the soulful of the feminine.
The total YES to life and what it brings.


The Manifesto of the Queen of Hearts:

Yes, let the women bring it. All women on this earth!
They see the great correlation in life.
They know the true art of weaving: for a useful fabric that can dress all people in a graceful way, it needs both the vertical female threads and the horizontal male threads.
The Queens of Hearts know that this is the only way to create a sensitive, fine, new foundation for life on this beautiful earth for the children to come.

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King of Hearts


As a person:
If a man draws the King of Hearts, he himself is represented by this card.
If a woman draws the King of Hearts, the card can represent her inner male side or her beloved.

He feels
He is sensual
He is emotional
He nurtures and tends to
He cares for others
He is a stimulating partner in all areas
He is open for the loving touch of existence

"You are a King of the Heart. The King of Hearts. The beloved of the Queen of Hearts. Your heart is pounding in the right place. That is so. Every man is a King of Hearts! - Does this astonish you?" He looked at me with baffled eyes.

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9 of Hearts


Committed love in all areas.
Hearts fly out to you.
Deep friendships.
Feelings of joy.

There is a magic ship.
The magic ship is called Love. The vast, wide universe is its ocean.

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8 of Hearts


Savor sensuality in every moment.
Enjoy happy times.

Actually, she had yelled at me. My friend Louise knew about my habits of brooding, of questioning. We were in the middle of the forest. We had met because once again I was doubting everything and thought I had reached another dead end, and this time for real!

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