Queen of Hearts


Today I have drawn the Queen of Hearts.

Hm, the Queen of Hearts… that’s me!

All women are queens of hearts.

I wonder how many women do experience to be a lady, a queen?
I wonder. Even as a child I wondered who my mother was. She wore skirts, she had a higher voice than my father and my brothers, she did the household. She didn’t leave the house at 6:00 a.m. sharp for work like my father. She cooked, cleaned and did the chores. What else did she do? She bore seven children, six boys and me, the only daughter. Three boys died as babies. She lived through it. Yes, really, she lived through that? How? I don’t know. She died before I dared ask her, she, this Queen of Hearts, my mother.

Just now I see the millions of women on this earth before me: all Queen of Hearts. From the smallest girl to the most aged grandmother. No matter what fate, no matter on which continent, no matter whether they are on the run, raped or in the executive suite or now waiting at home. It’s us, the women! All Queen of Hearts. Deep down, a knowledge of the ways of the world. This intuition that has guided us through the centuries, even through the witch-burnings. We are born with an invincible life force. Again and again we see possibilities. Even in the dark, not the slightest spark of light escapes us.

All women are Queen of Hearts. Let us crown ourselves. Self-proclaimed queens we are. That’s the way it has to be.
 Every mother, every girl, every woman, the entire womanhood on this earth: let us sit on the throne together, inwardly, gracefully and confidently.
 Even if we sometimes despise or humiliate ourselves or this comes from outside, nothing can push the Queen of Hearts from the throne.

A suggestion: if you meet a woman, maybe on Skype, or on TV, or you think of your mother, you talk to her on the phone, or you are with your daughter: would you like to see her as Queen of Hearts for a moment? As a woman who carries within her the pearl of deep sensitivity, of courage, of compassion, of grace and beauty, even when angry or sad?
Millions of women.

Imagine that: each one a queen of hearts! whether she is aware of it or not. Let’s show each other. Let’s not be stingy with celebrating each other.

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