10 of Spades


You are ready for a big change, a great transition,
a move to a distant place, a long journey.
This tendency refers to both external and internal changes.
You have a desire for liberation, you are expectant and are seeking the wide open.

you stride across the boundaries of space
and leave time behind you
you find yourself where all things dissolve and are created anew

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8 of Spades


You are ready!
Favorable influences!
You can't be held back anymore!
Take advantage of the sudden surge of drive and put your ideas into action.

It's time to leave the dramas of your life behind and realise that all happenings hold gifts.

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Jack / Maid of Spades


As a person:
Youthful person, adventurous like a child, surrealist.
optimistic, intuitive, confident, playful, spontaneous, cheerful

This card takes you to the park or the playground where children romp around freely according to their whims: here, there, sometimes jumping, sometimes running, sometimes singing, sometimes shouting ... then again quietly dreamy baking cakes in the sandbox, always driven by their wonderful desire to be surprised and their tireless inclination to discover the unknown.

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Queen of Spades


As a person:
A friend of rare caliber, independent woman, visionary, mature and experienced
intuitive, merciless intelligence, strives for consciousness, puts herself in the service of growth
does not hold back her inner riches

"Good morning, my beauty." On reaching the hill, Salome greets her lime tree. The thick canopy of leaves still hinders the June sun from entering. Salome is a painter. A true wizard in her field, with a clear mind, genius and unpredictable intuition.

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Ace of Spades


Awareness / creative power / pure, clear understanding.
Meditation. Centeredness.

A story about a treasured experience during my life in the States.

„It's four in the morning in the Arizona desert, 4500 feet above sea level. I leave the house for my daily morning walk around Chimney Rock. The cool summer breeze caresses my face, arms and legs. Already a feeling of contentment and joy permeates me. The night is without moon. Above me the Milky Way! Millions of stars. My Milky Way! Every morning a chandelier of breathtaking beauty.

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