Queen of Hearts


As a person:
If a woman draws the Queen of Hearts, she herself is represented by this card.
If a man draws the Queen of Hearts, the card can represent his inner feminine side or his beloved.

She is flooded with love and serenity of spirit.
She works as a silent force in every woman
She is always available, be it in the light or in the dark
She stands for the moving, the emotional, the creative, the soulful of the feminine


The Manifesto of the Queen of Hearts:

Yes, let the women bring it. All women on this earth!
They see the great correlation in life.
They know the true art of weaving: for a useful fabric that can dress all people in a graceful way, it needs both the vertical female threads and the horizontal male threads.
The Queens of Hearts know that this is the only way to create a sensitive, fine, new foundation for life on this beautiful earth for the children to come.

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King of Hearts


As a person:
If a man draws the King of Hearts, he himself is represented by this card.
If a woman draws the King of Hearts, the card can represent her inner male side or her beloved.

He feels
He is sensual
He is emotional
He nurtures and tends to
He cares for others
He is a stimulating partner in all areas
He is open for the loving touch of existence

"You are a King of the Heart. The King of Hearts. The beloved of the Queen of Hearts. Your heart is pounding in the right place. That is so. Every man is a King of Hearts! - Does this astonish you?" He looked at me with baffled eyes.

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Jack of Clubs


Not a person:
The card symbolizes the unconscious.
defence and attack in all possible forms,
But also:
Readiness to break through. The willingness to bring awareness into play in mechanical patterns, coupled with creative ideas.
Openness for clarifying conversations instead of reacting as usual.

Here I am, the Jack of Clubs. A lot of people are scared of me. They experience me as an exorbitant influencer or as a nasty creature. Out of me come tantrums, jibes, impatience, hostility, bullying, jealousy - simply everything that squirts out of you in certain moments. Even small sarcastic insults in conversations I provoke in you.

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Queen of Spades


As a person:
independent woman, a friend of rare caliber, visionary, mature and experienced
intuitive, merciless intelligence, strives for consciousness, puts herself in the service of growth
does not hold back her inner riches

"Good morning, my beauty." On reaching the hill, Salome greets her lime tree. The thick canopy of leaves still hinders the June sun from entering. Salome is a painter. A true wizard in her field, with a clear mind, genius and unpredictable intuition.

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King of Clubs


As a person:
Mature man/father of the questioner/authority figure
Courage, Sincerity, Drive, Integrity, Tenacity

The Great Warrior

In the night of his seventh birthday, a boy had a dream he never forgot.
This is his dream:

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Jack of Diamonds


As a person:
Lucky Guy
Uninhibitedly happy.
Receive - share - receive - pass on - receive - let go.
Always open for new luck.
When one flower has withered, another blossoms nearby.

The fairy tale 'Hans in Luck' by the Brothers Grimm is an excellent illustration of the Jack of Diamonds.
One can look at the fairy tale from different perspectives.

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9 of Hearts


The Heart Magnet
Felt unconditional love — as oneness with oneself — with everyone — with all

There is a magic ship.
The magic ship is called Love. The vast, wide universe is its ocean.

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10 of Clubs


Suppression - Inner Conflicts - Burnout
"Enough is enough - I can't take it anymore"
Invitation to change direction

When your mind is stuck you can listen to your body.

A Letter.

Dear You

I am your body. I'm writing to you because I'm in a desperate need to tell you something. I know you don't have much time to read, you probably just have to leave. But, please, take a few moments and sit with me.

I don't feel good with you anymore. Things are moving too fast for me. You know, I need some time to feel hugs, or eat a good pizza and drink the tasty Chianti. I'm so happy to be a part of all of this. And anyway, I love being in your life.

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Queen of Diamonds


As a person:
A woman of spiritual greatness and intelligence.
Benevolent. Celebration of life and love. Flooded with great blessings.

The Wise Woman of the Good Earth

"It was not so long ago that people had time and leisure to pause in the middle of the day, to listen to the birds, to give a friendly glance to the trees and the animals in the forest, to breathe in the spicy air with great draughts. They used to sing and dance in the middle of the day, in joy and sorrow.

At that time, a Wise Woman lived in a small house on the edge of the forest. The Wise Woman of the Good Earth she was called.

"Good morning, new day," she used to say upon waking. On this warm summer morning she was wearing her long, light yellow dress. It was woven of light yarn and flattering just to look at. The nightingale had just fallen silent, and already the melodious whistling of the blackbird could be heard.

The moist grass tickled her between the toes. Inspired by such merriment, each of her steps resembled a dance. All around her was beauty and perfection. She saw the fox lying in wait for a mouse at the edge of the forest, she saw the countless pearls of dewdrops on the blades of grass, she saw the fallen fir tree not far from her.

Thoughtfully she walked along the forest path towards the village. She had been called to help the people in a difficult time. A 9-year-old boy had fallen into the river and drowned. His older sister had given her the sad news two days ago. She knew the boy all too well. How often had she watched him doing chin-ups and other tricks by the river.

The wise woman, who learned everything about the course of events in life of animals and plants, told the villagers that she would visit them in two days for a celebration for the boy.

She knew that calm can return after the storm if one gives time to the very course of things, if one acts with deliberation.

So now, after two days, when everyone breathed a little easier and dared to feel their heartbeat again, was the day when she would meet with the people of the village to say goodbye to the boy together.

"Good morning," she said to the people who had gathered in the clearing near the creek around the white coffin of the boy. The children sat on the ground and the adults on the chairs and benches they had brought with them.

All the girls wore flower wreaths of daisies on their heads and the boys wore collars of carnations. Children's toys and stuffed animals dangled from the coffin. They were tied to it with colorful ribbons. They were to accompany the dead boy on his journey to the afterlife. His little brother placed his teddy bear in the arms of his dearest friend. A small red ball lay in the open left hand of the dead boy.

The wise woman sat in the large circle of villagers. A sweet fragrance of linden blossoms crept secretly into many an aching heart. They sang the boy's favorite songs. They told stories from his adventurous life. They cried and laughed; and they danced around the open child's coffin. Later they ate carrot cake - like on his birthdays.

Then it became silent. When the moon was in the night sky, the time came to close the coffin and lower it into the prepared grave. The children placed their wreaths of flowers on it. "Adieu, my dear child, adieu, my dear friend, adieu, my dear brother."

This was not so long ago, when people still had leisure and time to pause in the middle of the day, to listen to the birds, to give a friendly glance to the trees and the animals in the forest, to breathe in the spicy air with great draughts.

The Wise Woman of the Good Earth reminds us to celebrate our body with its wonderful sensuality in our daily activities.


The Wise Woman of the Good Earth (Die Weise Frau der Guten Erde)

Ace of Spades


Awareness / Creativity / Pure, clear understanding.
Meditation. Centeredness.
Creative source of intelligence.

A story about a treasured experience during my life in the States.

„It's four in the morning in the Arizona desert, 4500 feet above sea level. I leave the house for my daily morning walk around Chimney Rock. The cool summer breeze caresses my face, arms and legs. Already a feeling of contentment and joy permeates me. The night is without moon. Above me the Milky Way! Millions of stars. My Milky Way! Every morning a chandelier of breathtaking beauty.

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