Ace of Hearts


Home is where your heart is.
Feeling at home in your own body, in your home, in the community of like-minded people, family.
The heart is the bridge to joy
The feeling of being one with oneself and everything
The ability to feel empathy

Bug Party on a Banana Peel

Once upon a time there was a little beetle. He was black and inconspicuous on his six thin legs. One day, crawling along the country road in the bushes, he was suddenly surprised by a breathtaking scent. "Hey, that smells like folklore and adventure," he said to his companion, who was strutting along behind him. It was on one of those many dreary rainy days, full of yawning and twiddling thumbs and wait and see there in the undergrowth near the overland route. There was litter all around along that stretch. People just threw their trash overboard as they drove by. Sometimes it was really bad for the little creepers. There landed now and then a tin can on one of them and gone was he. But today seemed to be a lucky day. "This is ominously intoxicating! Come on, let's call the others over. Let’s have a scent fiesta!" said the friend. And poof, she was gone.

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