The Tarot of the Traveller

Fortuneteller Harry Herman 1867 1950

A reading with Veeno Regula is not about predicting the future, but about you and what matters to you here and now in your life.

The 'Traveller Tarot' Reading with regular playing cards offers you the opportunity to take a new look at a particular question or life situation. In a playful way, fresh insights into a current situation from your everyday life will emerge. The spirit of this this old tradition of card reading offers a friendly approach to being human with all its ups and downs. Each card of this Tarot shows with refreshing language one side of human comedy.

Together with the cards and Veeno Regula's intuitive skills, you have the opportunity to:

  • to find a creative and very personal approach to the current situation
  • to bring your very individual touch to life in the smallest things
  • to become aware of qualities you may not be familiar with
  • to view everyday situations from a new perspective
  • to bring clarity to recurring questions
  • to experience how the mere disclosure of a question or a topic is an invitation to find solutions, and how it can tickle relaxation

The Traveller's Tarot uses French playing cards up to Seven with 2 Jokers.
(Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7)

Veeno Regula Maeder

Veeno Regula has a natural talent for meeting other human beings on a deeply felt level. In her presence you feel at ease. Her forty years of meditation practice enables her to help others in a relaxed way. She approaches life's challenges in an unbiased and alert way.

She has a rich background with psychic readings. The 'Tarot of the Travellers' is her favourite. She loves this old reading tradition with regular playing cards, because the interpretation of the cards offers hands for an easy and human approach to everyday life matters.

Veeno Regula grew up in Switzerland. As a former therapist for children, as a mother and grandmother, as a citizen of the world and as a meditator, she stands awake in life. She perceives her fellow human beings with clarity and intuition. Her journey through a very rich and eventful life led her to India, where she met Osho, to Japan and the USA. Now she lives in Switzerland again.