10 of Diamonds


Your understanding of wealth and happiness is not limited to money and material possessions.
You are aware of your richness as you are and live.
Working has become a creative experience for you.
You are open to the wonders of nature and life.


In the black and white striped tuxedo the seed lies on the soft fallow land. Bingo!
A young titmouse has dropped the seed onto the soil in flight. Bingo!
The earth swells up like a soaked sponge. Bingo!
The sun has just licked away the last patches of snow. Bingo!
Already a force stretches and extends under its tuxedo. Bingo!
And in no time at all it bursts. Bingo!
Roots begin to emerge from the soft core. Bingo!
A sprout shoots up already. Bingo!
Deeper and deeper into the earth and higher to the sky, a beautiful sunflower unfolds as if from nowhere. Bingo!
With hundreds of new seeds, abundance and bounty soar to a crescendo. Bingo!
Whoever encounters this marvel returns home richer. Bingo! Bingo!

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Abundance Everywhere

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