8 of Clubs

Kreuz 8

Bitterness, anger, guilt:
as burning embers in the heart in the face of adversity
as grief at the death of a loved one
as a desire for revenge upon humiliation.

The embers hurt ...
they bring sleepless nights ...
inside it rumbles and rages like in a devil's kitchen.

Yes, allow it … it will change …

Out of the blue, there are moments
where the volcano suddenly falls silent,
where friendly coolness radiates calm,
where the heart relaxes,
where you feel trust carrying you.

It is your life!
It sustains you further on your journey.
It is a chameleon.
Constant change is its promise.
You cannot accelerate it — you cannot stop it.
In this it is unwavering.

Bitterness, anger, disappointment, guilt ... they come … and go

Enjoy the intervals, rest in the absence of the storm.
That is where you are at home.

The promise of this card is CHANGE.

8Kreuz Change

Caring Existence

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