Ace of Hearts


Feeling at home in your own body, in your home, in the community of like-minded people, family.
The heart as the bridge to joy.
The feeling of being one with oneself and everything.
The ability to feel empathy.
Listening to the 'inner voice'.

Bug Party on a Banana Peel

Once upon a time there was a little beetle. He was black and inconspicuous on his six thin legs. One day, crawling along the country road in the bushes, he was suddenly surprised by a breathtaking scent. "Hey, that smells like folklore and adventure," he said to his companion, who was strutting along behind him. It was on one of those many dreary rainy days, full of yawning and twiddling thumbs and wait and see there in the undergrowth near the overland route. There was litter all around along that stretch. People just threw their trash overboard as they drove by. Sometimes it was really bad for the little creepers. There landed now and then a tin can on one of them and gone was he. But today seemed to be a lucky day. "This is ominously intoxicating! Come on, let's call the others over. Let’s have a scent fiesta!" said the friend. And poof, she was gone.

Although he liked the idea of the party with the others, he wasn't in the mood to move away from this heavenly scented cloud. Enveloped by it, he happily squatted on a brightly shining yellow surface that felt soft and velvety. He had landed in the land of milk and honey! And it was dry, too, under the dense canopy of the hazel bush.

In this gloriousness of fragrance, coziness and amber-colored beauty, his senses dwindled and he began to dream of a distant land where all the trees and bushes glowed in this magnificent yellow and there was only this heavenly perfume. He felt as if the warm sun was personally embracing him and caressing him and patting him. He had never felt so contented in his heart. As he absorbed this bliss, he noticed how his six thin legs tingled. They suddenly seemed so graceful and elegant, as if he had just danced in the Swan Lake ballet. The music of the overture still echoed in his ears.

"Hello, my friend!" he heard close beside him. The chirping of a whole crowd of friends brought him back from his dream. All his faithful fellow beetles from the dump crawled along to celebrate with him the glorious aroma of fulminant folklore and adventure. Still he was steeped in the caress of the sun, still his joyful little legs tickled, still his heart overflowed with joy to actually be in this glorious yellow paradise. "Welcome, dear beetle friends! Today is a day of delight! Let our hearts sing and rejoice! Come, let's dance the ringlet!“

Both young and old crawled around and in no time a circle was formed. All squatted on their four hind legs and shook hands with the front ones. They began to go around in a circle. The raindrops drummed a salsa rhythm on the canopy above them. With their middle hind legs they chirped happily like crickets.

While they danced like that, tears rolled from the little beetle's eyes: they were one! Yes, it was true that the grandfather, who had recently died, was missing. Yes, his sister was also missing. She had been pecked by a bird only the day before. And some friends were missing, whose lives had ended in this or that beetle way. But they are still one!

Every time they celebrated a party, he was overcome by these tears of joy.



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  1. Thank you for sharing this touching, easing, and inspiring mandala (and read). Especially now when it feels like everything around me tells of division, and insurmountable distance…. This vision of one-ness was very welcome, healing and refreshing.
    Thank you!!

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