9 of Clubs


Distrust, jealousy, envy.
Competitiveness that drives you to push your limits.
The feeling of being indispensable.
Wake up - stop - what really brings you joy?

I am your alarm signal!

You have overdone yourself.
You go beyond the limits of your strength.
You are involved in a misunderstanding of work ethics and necessities.
You have forgotten to take breaks and enjoy yourself.

You are not a cogwheel in a machine.
Take a moment to remember that you are alive.

I am your alarm signal. I am on your side.
I'm not just pointing out your stuck-ness. I am also showing you how much energy is waiting to be unleashed and how much creativity is blossoming around you.

Give yourself a break.
Take charge of your life in a new way.
Look, the earth is spinning, the sun is shining, the clouds are floating in the sky, the birds are soaring in the air. Everything in its own rhythm. Have the courage to find yours.


Lost In The Wheel

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