King of Spades


As a person:
A wise man, a friend, a well-meaning superior
Friendly, mature wisdom, attentive to others' needs, unintentional, teacher of humanity, poetic, loves art

The Wise One

He rises determined from his seat.

As every year, the gathering takes place in the forest. The air is impregnated with autumn spices of fir and copper beech, the old musty oak trees and the single cedar.
This cedar is a strange guest in this remote forest clearing. It creates the right atmosphere for the annual meeting of all inhabitants of the settlement.

They call this place the Glade.

This time, too, he is sitting right opposite the cedar. This is his place. Connected with her good spirit and ancient wisdom, he listens to the concerns, worries and fears of the people.

A fire is burning in the middle of the place. In its bright glow, the faces of the gathered people shine with friendly warmth. The calls of nightingales and eagle owls and codgers encourage those present to listen to each other and to relax in the gentle atmosphere of the forest night.

He is sitting there and waiting. On his lap, as always, rests the book with the brown leather cover. No one has ever seen him open it. But this time a blond girl of about 7 years walks up to him. "What is written in your book?" she asks him with curious blue eyes. He smiles, opens the book and flips through it. It's full of empty pages! "Here, the book is yours now. In it you will find the answers to all the questions of the universe. Whenever something is bothering you, sit down, open the book and wait".

Women, men, children.
All become one in the silence of this night.
All questions dissolve.
Serenity returns.

His getting up is the sign for the song: "Evening Silence Everywhere....".

Everyone approaches the fire. Now it is time for food and drink. Afterwards, the children's playing and laughing is an invitation to linger until late into the night.



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