Queen of Clubs


As a person:

The mother of the questioner.
This Tarot Card represents also the many roles and faces of the mother.

To show the complexity of the roles of our mothers and ourselves as mothers, I took an All-In-One snapshot:

The Mother

A woman who, by nature, is endowed with a loving heart and the gift to take care of the child.

A woman who hides under the projections and demands of society and her own conditioning.

A woman who should meet all the needs of the child and who bears a large part of the responsibility for the upbringing of the offspring.

But also how this woman is experienced and viewed as a mother from the perspective of the child.
You ask yourself: What was it like to live with her? What did I take from her into my life? What did I project onto her?

In all this complexity exists a sensitive woman!
To understand her better will help you to loosen the judgement screw, since each mother, in the sheer impossibility of the task, wishes herself sincerely to be the best.



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  1. Oh, thank you. I really love this one.
    As always when I see the Mandala I think ‘This is the most beautiful one’
    but this time…..it really is the most beautiful one.

    Brava Veeno

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