Queen of Hearts


As a person:
If a woman draws the Queen of Hearts, she herself is represented by this card.
If a man draws the Queen of Hearts, the card can represent his inner feminine side or his beloved.

She is flooded with love and serenity of spirit.
She works as a silent force in every woman.
She is always available, be it in the light or in the dark.
She stands for the moving, the emotional, the creative, the soulful of the feminine.
The total YES to life and what it brings.


The Manifesto of the Queen of Hearts:

Yes, let the women bring it. All women on this earth!
They see the great correlation in life.
They know the true art of weaving: for a useful fabric that can dress all people in a graceful way, it needs both the vertical female threads and the horizontal male threads.
The Queens of Hearts know that this is the only way to create a sensitive, fine, new foundation for life on this beautiful earth for the children to come.

The Queen of Heart's Ode to our Mothers, the Timelessly Flowing Ones

I am the water, eternally clear
Gracefully yielding to the depths
Descending into the wonderful sphere
I’m fully awake, I live in this breath.

Oh there I’m resting, oh there I lie down
Devoted so gently to the spirit of peace.
Ah, now I can live, I know who I am!
The murmur I am in the river of East.

The sweetness I am in the juices of grapes
The offering in the delicious grain
I’m loving the fun, I delight in all shapes
I am my life - myself I sustain.

The years go by, yet one thing remains
Deep down in the sea the myst’ry of night
It knows neither shortage nor torture nor pain
For love blossoms there in tender delight.

The tears of woman are sensed with great care
So gently received in the watery shrine
There sing the whales, they call for the share:
You are! Come all! With joy we shall shine!


The Soulful Feminine

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