7 of Diamonds

Egge7 2

Starting a project.
Patience, perseverance, goal-oriented,
through continuous progression growth and good outcome is guaranteed

Practical for you:

  • you get down to work
  • you are reliable
  • you appreciate small progress
  • the next step is revealed to you from the step you have just taken
  • you are in harmony with what is happening and do not let yourself be rushed
  • regarding your work you stand with both feet on the ground
  • you recognise the signs, the help, the 'coincidences' that come to you from outside

The Little One with the Cleaning Rag

"Hey, Mom, what does it mean to work?" My then two-and-a-half-year-old son surprised me with this question a long time ago. Stunned, I stood there and kept quiet. He was sitting on his colourful high chair at breakfast, gleefully eating from his honey bread. His clear eyes shone with curiosity. With a direct gaze, he waited for an answer, this seemed so natural to him, because I was the big one who always knew everything. I stared at the red fire truck on the table. Emptiness in the head. We were alone on this bright spring morning. "Come on, let's find out!", I said to him and lifted him out of the highchair.

I gave him a damp rag and we started to wipe the table. Next we went to the bathroom, where we cleaned the sink from hair and toothpaste remains. "And now?", I asked him. "Where do we want to go from here with the rag, where do we want to go on working?" He got on the stool and wiped splatters off the mirror. Then we stalked further into the living room on our job hunt. With detective eyes he discovered crumbs on the coffee table. Even the few water stains on the parquet disappeared by his magic cloth.

"Now I'm going to play," he said suddenly. He dropped the rag and was gone.

I stood there and was amazed. Obviously, the little one had understood something.

The so-called working became his existential experience and so did playing.

I have not found a verbal answer until now. But I do experience it every day.


When the Shoe Fits

then you can walk
for miles
one step at a time
taking one rung at a time
and you know what?
far far above you a force rises with you
playful it lures you
your work transforms into results
just make sure that the shoe fits.

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One Comment

  1. The work, the work, the WORK…get down and dirty to work…the things i love to do, the things I don’t want to do, the things I am lazy to do, the things I don’t know how to do, the things I am scared to do, the things I hate to do… Work is love.

    Thank you for the beautiful story of your son!

    Love and blessings!

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