Ace of Clubs


What it is about:
Death and new beginnings.
If something new wants to emerge, the old must pass away.
The powerful creative force behind everything that emerges and passes away.
Primordial trust in life, which pours from the old into the new at every moment.
Life is in a state of constant flux. It knows no full stop, not even a comma, it has no reverse gear, it knows only change. Nothing can be done about this.


"Greetings," she said to me. We both knew that her end was near. I waited, as if rooted to the spot, under the open door to her room. It was surreal bright. A speck of light on the wall behind her looked like the radiant evening star. Enchanted by this solemn atmosphere, I stood there. I, grateful daughter, charmed by the miracle of the moment.

"Don't ask anything now," she said. She seemed strong. The darkness of the disease had jumped out the window, unceremoniously fragmented into small pieces, and was already surrendering to the fire.

"Haha," I laughed. It all matched my mother. My red wooden spinning toy was lying on the bedspread. She had saved it for me. I was touched. That was my mother!

"Picked up is not put off," she said. The spinning toy was mine. No biggie for her, all hanky-dory! What is right is good. So come what may.

Shortly after that, she died. I sat next to her during her last breath. Alone. This being alone in strong moments of my life will be repeated many times. It was then that the initiation took place. My mother planted a precious seed in me at that particular point. Since then it has blossomed from the depths and announces itself in the form of trust. I can rely on that.

I experienced a lot of sadness with my mother. When I was little, she lost three children shortly after they were born. I was still very young and understood little.

Now, as a woman, I am reaping the fruits of that time. They are of the richest taste and most fulfilling aroma. I find myself thoroughly rooted in the sensuality of life. It is as if I were dancing lightly through life on a lush mossy forest floor and surrendering with every step to the intoxicating feeling of the wetness beneath my feet.

My mother showed me with her existence and her death that I am unique and that I may remain so. As long as I stand up for that, nobody can take that away from me. So, no lazy compromises! No unscrupulous deals with the devil! No sacrificing for a fake smile. I am woman, I am a human being, I am dignity, I have upright gait!

Thus, I too may one day meet death with a shining face.



There is that place, there in the darkness, where aliveness whispers.
Where everything dances to a deep, powerful song.
It is the sound of primal trust, the dowry for our existence.
Characters of an ancient language glide through the space.
Their poetry is steeped in creation.
It tells of the birch sapling,
it dreams of the sweetness of the rose fragrance,
it speaks of the growing human being,
of the irrepressible driving force of becoming and passing away,
of the eternally changing life.
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