8 of Hearts


Savor sensuality in every moment.
Enjoy happy times.

Actually, she had yelled at me. My friend Louise knew about my habits of brooding, of questioning. We were in the middle of the forest. We had met because once again I was doubting everything and thought I had reached another dead end, and this time for real!

For a long time we had walked silently side by side. The crunching of the gravel and the rustling of the withered leaves on the narrow path could break through my whirlpool of thoughts here and there. Spring was in the air. I loved this time of year in the forest: everywhere the white blossoms of the wild cherry trees rose from the still bare woods. They stood there like brides! In the surrounding area, beech leaves burst from their buds in a youthful surge. The sunlight literally absorbed the pale green newcomers. It interlaced the cherry brides with the whole forest in untameable pleasure.

The familiar comes to an end and makes room for the new.

The familiar comes to an end and makes room for the new.

The familiar comes to an end and makes room for the new.

No, it's not a cycle. It's an upward spiral.

A small red ball on the side of the path suddenly catapulted me out of my thinking! I looked at my friend. She looked beautiful. Her red blouse with the jeans looked good on her. She had our amulet of friendship hung around her neck for this meeting. Me too. Only I wore one of my black sweaters, the one with the big red dots, with my jeans.

What had happened? I was in the middle of the forest on a walk with my girlfriend, lost in my thoughts. And then the red ball - and at once I could see:

"Come on, greater happiness is calling! Let yourself be surprised by love!  Inner fulfillment knows no boundaries!"

That's her, my friend, the Eight of Hearts!
Her call was almost lost in my befuddled mind. Fortunately, there was the red ball...


Opening to Love
(Öffnung zur Liebe)

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