7 of Spades

Schaufel7 1

Careful with tricks and cheats!
Not all ends justifie the means.
Paying attention to small things.
Being honest with oneself.


The question of this card is how we approach realizing our goals, our visions. It is tempting to try move forward in the fastest way possible. We forget then that we are always in the realm of consciousness, where solid answers to our inquiry are just waiting to be heard  ---  we forget how rewarding it can be to look and feel carefully and to rein in the horses.

Every apparent barrier, if inspected meticulously, holds a gift.

Tricks and cheats are prisons.

Freedom and joy of life come through being alert. This is the key to the sunny side of life, leaving politics aside.


From Darkness to Light


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  1. Going for the goal, forgetting to smell the roses….
    Thank you Veeno, for the reminder…each recipe, every plate I make, any food preparation, any time spent with the wording of of the recipe, every communication with a Food Tester, on and all carefully selected combinations and…any bunch of herbs picked at the Farmer’s Market, COUNT!!!!
    When and how will this come together? And the answer lies in every step.
    Love the choice of colors and the spiral, symbol of evolution….Thank you! Chirantan

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