Ace of Spades


Awareness / creative power / pure, clear understanding.
Meditation. Centeredness.

A story about a treasured experience during my life in the States.

„It's four in the morning in the Arizona desert, 4500 feet above sea level. I leave the house for my daily morning walk around Chimney Rock. The cool summer breeze caresses my face, arms and legs. Already a feeling of contentment and joy permeates me. The night is without moon. Above me the Milky Way! Millions of stars. My Milky Way! Every morning a chandelier of breathtaking beauty.

All of a sudden it feels like I'm walking in it. A feeling of being without gravity. I float weightlessly through the darkness between the stars around me. Down there, the earth. What a glorious sight it is! The green, the turquoise, the olive, the white. From up here, among the stars, she looks peaceful, calm and quiet. A play ball.

Only one ball like that exists. We all know there are too many fighting over it. Its surface is bruised, the paint is peeling away. Its joy of bouncing is dampened because its air is leaking from its body.

I'm up here in the celestial space. I hop from star to star on my beloved Milky Way. What's different up here? Why am I feeling so light?

I marvel at the immeasurable beauty of the endless space, at the pure perception of love. It is the discovery of a love that is bathed with care, with peace, with benevolence. A love that liberates. A love that flows freely in all directions from the crystal clear and knowing heart.

It is Consciousness.

As love it makes itself felt; as inexhaustible source of creative intelligence it transforms; as inner breakthrough to existential understanding it enlightens our minds.

It is Consciousness.

I look down upon my beloved earth. That is my home. The ball of my earth.

Now I feel the ground under my feet again. Over me the cosmos.This has become for me an allegory for consciousness. When I look up at the stars I remember freedom, love and crystal clear intelligence.“

I know that we all have this enormous inner wealth at our side at all time and in every moment.




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  1. Awesome 👏
    A splendid fusion of light and colors.
    I was floating in the space with you.
    Good job and thank you Veeno

  2. As above, so bellow….thank you for the ride with inter stops.

    I love the lights…the ones in the sky awakening the sleepy ones inside….

    Your poetry touches me….I am grateful!!!

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