King of Clubs


As a person:
Mature man/father of the questioner/authority figure
Courage, Sincerity, Drive, Integrity, Tenacity

The Great Warrior

In the night of his seventh birthday, a boy had a dream he never forgot.
This is his dream:

« I was surrounded by great darkness. At first I couldn't make out where I was. But the fragrance of wood and elderberry blossoms, the cry of an owl and the soft ground under my feet revealed the secret. I was in a forest. The cool night air awakend my strong limbs. There I stood, a man of vigorous stature and maturity. Upright, with a clear look into the darkness. Ready.

A mission seemed to be waiting for me. The anticipation of a challenge aroused my instincts. My nostrils widened like a sixth sense. The delicious night air filled my large chest.

There was something! I felt someone standing in front of me. "Follow me", said a deep voice. The call revealed determination. The intention seemed clear and pure. Cleverness or cunning would sound different. While I followed the firm steps, my heart beat loudly in keeping with the rhythm. I wonder where this was heading. He seemed to be certain of his destiny.

There! Suddenly, my right foot went into the void. No warning from him. I quickly regained my composure. I noticed there were stairs leading downwards. It had to be earthen ones. On a wooden staircase, I'd have heard his footsteps. It was getting warmer, but it was still pitch black. Was it a cave we entered? My spine felt strong and straight. An unquestionable reliability flowed through my whole body and mind. "Wait here," said the voice, "open your eyes!" Weren't they already open?

I was startled! In the twilight a sudden frozen war scene appeared. A street lined with demolished houses. In a shop window, a naked, one-armed mannequin was staring through the broken window. Cobwebs everywhere. There was a child's corpse next to a red toy ball. Covered in dust. The bent bicycle by the side. Congealed, a woman, probably the mother, was still crouching over the girl. The Star of David on her arm. Dirt, dust, cobwebs everywhere. - Dead quiet. "Here, look. You clean up here," he commanded unequivocally.

Then he tied a black belt around me. Grounded and with a fiery glare he looked deep into my eyes. I understood at once: here is a master who recognized me. "You need presence and focus, will to fight and act, honesty and loyalty, courage and persuasiveness. With this you can accomplish great things. And one more thing: write down this dream. Very carefully! And read it to yourself every seven years for as long as you live. That way you will know if you have remained true to yourself and your ability as a Great Warrior. Only when all women and children can let their limbs dance to the music in warm security, the earth will have risen again to a place of beauty and grace. This is the protection that you radiate from your mature warrior nature." »


The Great Warrior (Der grosse Krieger)

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  1. Dear Veeno,

    I could really feel the presence of this energy. I know it very well. Sometimes I judge myself for it, because I am a woman. But then, I know, if you start meditating, you need that warrior on your side!

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