Queen of Spades


As a person:
A friend of rare caliber, independent woman, visionary, mature and experienced
intuitive, merciless intelligence, strives for consciousness, puts herself in the service of growth
does not hold back her inner riches

"Good morning, my beauty." On reaching the hill, Salome greets her lime tree. The thick canopy of leaves still hinders the June sun from entering. Salome is a painter. A true wizard in her field, with a clear mind, genius and unpredictable intuition.

She settles down on the green bench. The damp morning dew cools her legs. The merry chirping of the blackbirds, the caressing breeze, the sweet scent of blossoms; everything seems to welcome her inquisitive spirits today.

Salome was determined to start a new Me-Too debate. Not the Me-Too of the past. Artists should be invited to lift the Me-Too out of the swamp of gender accusations into a new state of consciousness.

Visitors to an exhibition should be moved to pause and reflect on their hidden feminine reality through the written, painted, sculpted, filmed, spoken or whatever it may be.

Salome listens to her innermost thoughts and begins to write. It is as if the lime tree dictates the words to her. The following text is intended to inspire the invited artists:

"Everything. Everything wonderful and deep is woven into the finest material of each woman. These filigree emotional qualities that perceive and bring together and make sense, even if it doesn't, they still remain hidden for a living scripture about changing destinies“.

"You as an artist are invited to bring these amazing feminine qualities to light with your contribution to the exhibition."

"What we have seen to date are accumulated, centuries-old clichés engraved in the heads, thoughts and feelings of women and men. As long as our brain cells are a landfill of rotten conceptions of the image of woman, all hope is lost."

"Reveal our multi-layered, fulminant feminine reality! Find it within you, show it through your work!“

"Women are invited to the show on the odd-numbered dates of the month, men on the even-numbered ones. In this way, visitors can enjoy what is on display in peace and quiet without interference from the opposite gender."

Time flies. Salome is brought back from her journey of thought by the screams of children. "I've got it, let's go!" With a beating heart, confident and grateful, she makes her way home.


The Filigree Feminine Sense

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