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Suppression - Inner Conflicts - Burnout
"Enough is enough - I can't take it anymore"
Invitation to change direction

When your mind is stuck you can listen to your body.

A Letter.

Dear You

I am your body. I'm writing to you because I'm in a desperate need to tell you something. I know you don't have much time to read, you probably just have to leave. But, please, take a few moments and sit with me.

I don't feel good with you anymore. Things are moving too fast for me. You know, I need some time to feel hugs, or eat a good pizza and drink the tasty Chianti. I'm so happy to be a part of all of this. And anyway, I love being in your life.

Back then, when I was conceived in the womb, I had no idea what was to come.
Have you ever wondered how dazzling amazing it is that I function so well even without your efforts? Imagine if you had to remember to breathe, or let your heart beating, or digest the food in a proper way. Or you would have to arrange every little movement if you wanted to grab a knife and cut off a piece of bread. All this with the greatest precision and the most appropriate muscle tonus, of course!

I am here to guide you through this life on earth. Eventually, we will separate again ...and my task to serve you will be complete. But now I am still here and I am taking part with all my heart.

Come, see how incredible and ingenious everything is organized. The greatest miracles happen 24/7 not only in physical processes, but also in the interaction of body and mind!

It's unfortunate that sometimes I have to hurt you. Please understand that this is not meant against you. I am always on your side: even with a headache, with a migraine, with tiredness, even in a burnout. Hmm. The latter is really the ultimate emergency brake that I have to pull sometimes. I haven't had to give you this fire-fighting assignment yet. Thank God! But I have to tell you, this never-ending thing with no-time is really getting to me and it hurts.

Nature has taught me that everything has its timing. I have an inner clock. If I can stick with it, I'll be fine. I'm sure the same goes for you.

Countless requests to pause come to you again and again: a small fever, a cut in your left thumb, a lumbago or the cancellation of an appointment. Please, take advantage of these opportunities for pauses. Please, do not wait for a car accident or a heart attack. Please, sharpen your sensitivity. Listening to me is so easy. It just needs a little attention from your side.

Would you like to try something? Give yourself a few minutes to feel me from head to toe before falling asleep. If you then feel tension, maybe in your neck, head or legs, you can just let go! Can you imagine: every little bit of relaxation in me brings you more relaxation. So you too can recover better in your sleep and really enjoy the days. Miracles can happen so easily.

I love you and I am ingenious.

Your Body.

Tarot of the Traveller, Kreuz 10

Redeeming Insights (Erlösende Einsichten)

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  1. The message comes from everywhere… my body needs time, care, LOVE….and it was so grateful when yesterday after a long cooking-testing day, I went to my yoga matt and could let go of the tensions, preoccupation and irritations that any work bring…..
    My body is doing SO MUCH for me, the question is: Can I do a bit for my body?
    Thank you body for being the mirror of my soul, for guiding me with your language (incomprehensible at times) to places I don’t want, but I must go…. In gratitude to my body, which takes the biggest toll!!!

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