Jack / Maid of Hearts


As a person:
A joyful, youthful person who loves beauty.
A bon vivant and emotional surfer who is at home in the flow of his own life.
Bearer of a message of love to the people.
Spreads his wings to enjoy freedom.
Spontaneous, passionate, emotionally involved, youthful trust in life in riding the daily emotional waves.

There is glitter all over the place. It is fairy dust. It comes from many unfulfilled wishes and dreams of the past year.

There, a little girl collects it full of delight and brushes it on her forehead. She wants to be able to fly. She wants to turn air castles into joy. She wants to be an angel.

The little girl reminds me of my childhood, when all secrets were still alive.

Yes! I could leap through the summer rain, screaming at the top of my voice, barefoot, without an umbrella. Throw the red rubber ball against the wall of the house, turn around and grab it from behind. Tickling the soles of my feet with my girlfriend until we couldn't hold in our laughter. Or rolling down the grassy hill behind the house. Other times blowing soap bubbles. Watching them colourful glow and, poof, be gone.

Yes, I would like to free this wealth of amazement from my sticky brain cells with the little one!
I wonder if the girl might take me back there? Does she trust me to be able to keep up with her curiosity, her fresh spirit, her thirst for adventure?

"Come on, let's go!" said my little brother. It was autumn. The first day of our vacation. He was in third grade, I was in fourth. Outside it was storming and raining. Our favorite weather! In rubber boots, rain jackets and rain pants, he in green, me in red with a purple tassel on the zipper, we were well wrapped up to start our vacation time. We didn't need any provisions. We were going to feast on nuts, apples and pears, fresh off the tree, wet from the rain. "Yes!", I said, and we stepped outside the door.

Our way led us along the Rhine where wild waves and rain had a boisterous rendezvous. Gray in gray with so much scent of autumn and moisture. Leaves whizzed through the air like swarms of high-spirited folding planes in brown and gold. Once hither, then abruptly changing direction with the next gust of wind.

Aimlessly we hopped through puddles and over fields. It was raining cats and dogs. We couldn't have wished for a better first day of vacation. Boskop apples and sweet pears had been shaken by the wind in heaps from the trees. We happily ate our fill in our paradise. When we looked at each other's wet faces, we had to laugh because of the little raindrops hanging like tiny pearls on our eyelashes.


A love letter

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