Jack / Maid of Hearts


As a person:
A joyful, youthful person who loves beauty.
A bon vivant and emotional surfer who is at home in the flow of his own life.
Bearer of a message of love to the people.
Spreads his wings to enjoy freedom.
Spontaneous, passionate, emotionally involved, youthful trust in life in riding the daily emotional waves.

There is glitter all over the place. It is fairy dust. It comes from many unfulfilled wishes and dreams of the past year.

There, a little girl collects it full of delight and brushes it on her forehead. She wants to be able to fly. She wants to turn air castles into joy. She wants to be an angel.

The little girl reminds me of my childhood, when all secrets were still alive.

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9 of Spades


You're in the flow.
'Don't worry'
You're wooed and tickled by synchronicities.
You suddenly find it easy to embrace the unknown and unfamiliar.

You recognise old, limiting thought patterns. They have lost their seductive power.

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9 of Diamonds



You see beyond the games of power and money and feel an inner peace that is independent of success and wealth.
With your open mind, you are a catalyst for others in overcoming crises in the material world.
You understand the laws of nature.
You are in a metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly.

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Ace of Diamonds


Possessions, wealth, professional success.
Generosity in dealing with it.
A good nose for resources: a solution is always in the air!
Acting in harmony with the laws of life.
A conscious, committed yes to what each day brings.

The message to you:
Painted by the rainbow, the signal vibrates with full intensity.
Because you understand the dynamics of the laws of nature, you can recognize high energies and use them for your projects.
You are in conscious contact with the abundance and riches within you and around you.

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10 of Hearts


Love develops into a state of being.
Contentment alone and with others.
Follow the voice of your heart, it knows what is right.
You no longer calculate give and take.
Emotional maturity that comes from a serene heart.
In challenging moments ask yourself, “what would love do?”

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10 of Diamonds


Your understanding of wealth and happiness is not limited to money and material possessions.
You are aware of your richness as you are and live.
Working has become a creative experience for you.
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10 of Spades


You are ready for a big change, a great transition,
a move to a distant place, a long journey.
This tendency refers to both external and internal changes.
You have a desire for liberation, you are expectant and are seeking the wide open.

you stride across the boundaries of space
and leave time behind you
you find yourself where all things dissolve and are created anew

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8 of Spades


You are ready!
Favorable influences!
You can't be held back anymore!
Take advantage of the sudden surge of drive and put your ideas into action.

It's time to leave the dramas of your life behind and realise that all happenings hold gifts.

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8 of Clubs

Kreuz 8

Bitterness, anger, guilt:
as burning embers in the heart in the face of adversity
as grief at the death of a loved one
as a desire for revenge upon humiliation.

The embers hurt ...
they bring sleepless nights ...
inside it rumbles and rages like in a devil's kitchen.

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