bookmark_borderJack of Diamonds


The lucky guy.
The lucky heart.
Uninhibitedly happy.
Receive - share - receive - pass on - receive - let go.
Always open for new luck.
When one flower has withered, another blossoms nearby.

The fairy tale 'Hans in Luck' by the Brothers Grimm is an excellent illustration of the Jack of Diamonds.
One can look at the fairy tale from different perspectives.

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bookmark_border10 of Clubs


Suppression - Inner Conflicts
"Enough is enough - I can't take it anymore"

When your mind is stuck you can listen to your body.

A Letter.

Dear You

I am your body. I'm writing to you because I'm in a desperate need to tell you something. I know you don't have much time to read, you probably just have to leave. But, please, take a few moments and sit with me.

I don't feel good with you anymore. Things are moving too fast for me. You know, I need some time to feel hugs, or eat a good pizza and drink the tasty Chianti. I'm so happy to be a part of all of this. And anyway, I love being in your life.

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bookmark_borderQueen of Diamonds


A celebration of life and love.
A mighty blessing streams through her, the Wise Woman of the Good Earth, the Queen of Diamonds.

«Not so long ago, people still had leisure and time. They could pause in the middle of the day and listen to the birds, to feel their hands stroking a cat, to bestow a friendly glance. They would sing and dance in the middle of the day, in joy and sorrow.

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bookmark_borderAce of Spades


The ace of spades is all about Consciousness / Creativity / Clarity.

When I drew this card for this Letter from the Travellers, a shower of memories from my time in America went through me:

„It's four in the morning in the Arizona desert, 4500 feet above sea level. I leave the house for my daily morning walk around Chimney Rock. The cool summer breeze caresses my face, arms and legs. Already a feeling of contentment and joy permeates me. The night is without moon. Above me the Milky Way! Millions of stars. My Milky Way! Every morning a chandelier of breathtaking beauty.

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bookmark_borderQueen of Hearts


Today I have drawn the Queen of Hearts.

Hm, the Queen of Hearts… that’s me!

All women are queens of hearts.

I wonder how many women do experience to be a lady, a queen?
I wonder. Even as a child I wondered who my mother was. She wore skirts, she had a higher voice than my father and my brothers, she did the household. She didn’t leave the house at 6:00 a.m. sharp for work like my father. She cooked, cleaned and did the chores. What else did she do? She bore seven children, six boys and me, the only daughter. Three boys died as babies. She lived through it. Yes, really, she lived through that? How? I don’t know. She died before I dared ask her, she, this Queen of Hearts, my mother.

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